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Take a look at some of our standard services

Website Consultancy

receive expert advice and support that will help you increase results

Goals & Objectives

We will help you create realistic goals and objectives that optimize your short, medium and long-term online success.

Website Processes

We will help you design online sales and marketing processes that fit neatly around you, your business & customers.

Online Marketing

We will help you determine and implement online marketing strategies that increase website traffic and sales.

Web Page Development

keep your website up to date, modify existing pages or add new pages 365 days a year

Full Web Pages

Attract & Engage your audience; create sales pages, lead generation pages, niche marketing pages, the list is endless!

Page Sections

Implement prebuilt or custom page sections to house more content, enhance functionality or generate leads & sales.

Page Elements

Enhance page elements with custom or prebuilt modules to enhance the look, feel and usability of your website pages.

Form Development

leverage unlimited custom forms to capture, store, and manage all kinds information

Lead Generation

Capture your visitor’s contact information with prebuilt of custom lead Generation forms anywhere on your website.


Create engaging contact forms & pages that motivate your customers to take action and buy.


Allow visitors to become a free or paid member to view private content, access downloads and so much more.


Engage visitors and customers using surveys on your post and pages! Gather information that counts!


Receive donation payments online. Collect and manage donor information right from your WordPress back office.


Engage visitors using informal quizzes. Learn more your audience to enhance sales & marketing.

Page Speed & Responsiveness

never worry about speed again; optimize every page so that your visitors stick around

Responsive Design

Keep your entire website user-friendly across all devices and stay in line with Google’s search engine guidelines

Cache Optimization

Ensure returning visitors receive your content in split seconds with page load speeds ranging from 500 to 800ms

CSS Optimization

Monitor and maintain your CSS delivery so that first-time visitors receive super fast page load times across all devices

Online Store

sell your products and services online with a great looking user-friendly online store

Store Setup

Sell physical products, digital products and services straight from your website with a dynamic online store.

Store Management

Take the hassle out of managing your online store, let us do all the hard work for you while you focus on your business.

Image Enhancement

Save time and money with our image enhancement service. Great looking images will your increase online sales.

Online WP Webdesk Masters

learn how to perform tasks yourself; our online WP Webdesk Masters will be your wingman

Minor Tasks

Perform a small task on your own. Our WP Webdesk Webmasters are always around to help you through the process.

Pages & Posts

Master the art in creating results-driven pages and posts with compelling content, structured layouts and call to actions.

Page Builder

Take control with a premium page builder. We will guide you through the process as you work on your website.

Plugin Installation & Setup

add additional website features with premium widgets and plugins at no extra cost to you

Plugin Installation

We include a suite of premium plugins. However, we will install additional free and paid plugins if required.

Plugin Setup

Most plugins require some form of setup to get them working. We support a wide range of plugins.

Blog Consultancy & Management

crush your competition with a qualitative consistent blogging strategy. Content is King!

Blog Consultancy

Attract qualified visitors with a blogging platform. We help you  implement a blog that converts.

Blog Design

Develop an easy to manage blogging platform that adds value to your sales and marketing strategy.

Blog Publishing

Let us design and publish your blogs, so you can spend more time creating content that gets results.

Search Engine Optimization

get found by leveraging relevant headlines, optimized content and on-page optimization

Keyword Research

Find out what your target market type into the search engines with in-depth keyword research and analytical data.

On-Page SEO

Leverage content on your website with on-page SEO. Help search engines to deliver content to your target market.

Google Tasks

Use Google tools to index your website and analyze website traffic. Take the guesswork out of your online marketing.

Online Research

create great content, attract your target market and stay ahead of the competition

Find Competitors

Stay ahead of your competitors with comprehensive reports outlining crucial information to develop key selling points.

Review Research

Research relevant reviews that will help you develop sales processes, engagement, customer support and so much more

Blog Research

Find out what others are writing about, what’s working and what’s not to help you create targeted content that grabs attention.

Tweaks & Enhancements

say goodbye to time-consuming website modification tasks, let us take care them for you

Adding Images

No more wasted time, fiddling to get images looking perfect on your website. We will do it for you.

Adding Content

Remove the frustration, confusion and wasted time from adding and managing page content.

Adjusting Layout

Keep returning visitors engaged with new images, features, sections without the hassle & expense.

Social Media

create great content, attract your target market and stay ahead of the competition


Reach your target market using the power of social media. Use social media integration on your web pages.

Social Media Pop Ups

Invite your target market to visit, like and share your social media channels with subtle professional popups.

We Love Happy Customers

We go the extra mile to ensure that our service meets your expectations. Your requirements are important to us.

If you feel that WP Webdesk will not work for your business we will action our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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